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Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe if not the world. From ancient ruins, impressive palaces, stunning cathedrals and awe-inspiring coastline, Italy offers countless of experiences for first-time and returning visitors. Visit the more than thousand-year-old ruins in Rome, admire the stunning art at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, cycle along the rolling hills and vineyards in Tuscany, enjoy culinary delights in Umbria or hike the trails of Cinque Terre. You’ll never ran out of things to do while in Italy. Contact our team and find out the best things to do in Italy.

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  • Discover Italy at your own time and convenience with our self-drive holidays. Our self-drive Italy tours include a comprehensive itinerary, pre-booked accommodation, meals and tours. Stop for a photo break whenever, try local dishes or simply soak in the gorgeous Italian scenery. Drive through the sprawling vineyards and hills in Tuscany as you enjoy authentic Tuscan dishes and superb wines. Taste the famous Zibelleo Culatello in Polesine Parmanese. Sample some of the best wines in Bardolino. Contac our team to book your self-drive holiday in Italy.

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  • Witness the dramatic and ever-changing scenery of Italy from your window as you travel at aboard a high-speed train. Explore the most beautiful cities and regions from north to south. Wander along the streets of Venice, Italy’s most popular tourist destination and ranked as the most beautiful city in the world. Visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Marvel at the breathtaking Renaissance art and architecture in Florence. Relive history as you explore the ancient ruins of Rome and Pompeii. Discover the gorgeous coastal towns of Sorrento, Capri or Positano.

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  • Relish Italian flavours and experience some of the best cuisines in the world with our food and wine tours. Italy’s cuisine is as diverse as its regions, from north to south, each region and province has its own specialties. Soak in the breathtaking scenery whilst you enjoy the most delicious Italian dishes and wines. Enjoy a cooking holiday in Abruzzo accompanied by tastings of local specialties and wines. Learn how to make gelato and tiramisu in Rome. Sample the best local cheeses and truffles in Piedmont. As they say in Italy, buon appetito!

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  • Known as the birthplace of Renaissance and centre of the Roman Empire, Italy is packed with ancient ruins, cultural riches, opulent palaces, awe-inspiring art and stunning architecture. The country also boasts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. Relive history and marvel at awe-inspiring art from Rome to Pompeii.

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  • Experience Italy with the entire family and explore timeless cities Rome, Florence, Venice and more. Travelling opens horizons and exposes kids to new places, people, cultures and languages. Italy provides the perfect opportunity for this whilst enjoying a fun filled, educational holiday. We have carefully curated some packages with activities and tours that the entire family will enjoy.

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  • Pedal through Italy’s lush vineyards and medieval towns, slowing down occasionally to admire breathtaking sights of the countryside or to get closer views of fascinating Renaissance and Gothic structures. Explore the beautiful region of Tuscany from Florence, Lucca, San Miniato and Siena to the beautiful wine regions of Chianti and Montalcino. Whether you are new to cycling or someone properly trained for challenging terrains, we have a suitable itinerary based on your level of fitness.

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  • Step out of your comfort zone and venture off the beaten path to discover Italy’s hidden treasures and stunning natural wonders. Our travel specialists have tailored a wide range of walking tours, each graded according to difficulty, so you can find an adventure that suits your level of fitness. Explore the colourful villages of the Italian Riviera, climb up the rolling hills of Tuscany, track the pilgrimage route of St. Francis in Umbria, or walk along towering cliffs in the Amalfi Coast. Come discover these and more interesting places!

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  • Bring a slice of la cucina Italiana back home after perfecting authentic delicacies through any of our interesting cooking classes. Work in small groups with local chefs and create traditional dishes using fresh ingredients. To gain further insight into Italy’s gastronomy, take part in some food & wine tours, which celebrate traditional ways of eating and drinking.

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  • Capture Italy’s classic beauty and diverse landscapes with a paint brush and canvas. Get inspirations as you explore Tuscany and Sicily, regions brimming with stunning sceneries of rolling hills, vast vineyards and ancient ruins. Find countless spots for wonderful painting opportunities or follow an experienced tutor in an on-site sketching session.

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  • Italy boasts regions full of impressive landscapes to snap. For this reason, our travel experts have tailored tours focusing on photography, sharing techniques to capture the best angles and magazine-worthy shots. Embark to the gorgeous villages of Cinque Terre and to the enchanting island of Sicily to discover picture-perfect panoramas that look surreal in front and behind the camera.

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  • Melodic and vivid, there is nothing like the sound of la lingua Italiana. Learn to speak common Italian phrases and be able to construct basic sentences through any of our various language courses. Study in Florence, Rome, Siena, Milan or Verona and teach your tongue a new romantic dialect.

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  • Sail smoothly onto the spectacular regions of Italy aboard an elegant cruise ship, which features luxury cabins and upscale amenities. Take part in shore excursions as you dock by famous cities and towns, such as Venice, Chioggia, Po Valley, Burano and Murano islands, Rome, Sicily, and Zadar. Some cruises also extend beyond the border towards the enticing coasts of Spain & France.

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